Velakali is a mock fight which is believed by some to be a representation of the battle of Kurukshetra between die Pandavas and the Kaaravas. The Velakali commences with a flourish of trumpets and kettle drums. The players clad in loin cloth and wearing a head gear of red cloth and other characteristic costumes enter tie field equipped with a shield in the left hand and a sword in the right and take part in the mock fight to the accompaniment of a characteristic band which consists of the horn or kombu, the clarion or kurumkuzhal, flie drum or thappu and the maddalam. The younger ones in the group form the front and die elders the rear with a group of flag-bearers forming the rearmost line. The mock army is accompanied by dummies of animals, birds tike swan, oxen etc. used m olden times for purposes of war. .The symbolic fight which lasts for an hour presents a spectacular sight with the players jumping and dancing in high spirits. The players in Velakali also give exhibition of single fights with sword and shield and show their skill in fencing.